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About Me

The author of History Totally Naked


Bernat Roig Borrull. Born 1991 in Ripoll, an hour and a half distance from Barcelona. He has resided in Vilnius and London. Nowadays he lives in Scotland, waiting to spot the monster of Loch Ness. Currently he is pregnant with his first novel, Como casi fornicar (How to nearly fornicate), and procreating a second one about the Vikings. Future Nobel Prize of Literature in 2411. He loves to dance salsa and bachata. People around him in the dancefloor… not so much. And now that you’re here we can’t let you go… Follow on Instagram and Facebook for more!


Hi, I’m Bernat. Do you remember how were history lessons at school? Boring probably. Have you ever taken a free walking tour whenever travelling? How was it? Vibrant, amusing, and feeling that the guide was your old buddy I bet. I created this blog because I want you to experience history like a free walking tour. This history tailored to your needs and tastes! 

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